By – Adisa Adekunle


The dust raised by the audacious,unabashed and unconscionable electoral fraud and robbery in Ogun State in the last election seemingly settled with the brazen denial of the popular will of the oppressed and suppressed people of Ogun state in the conclusive Supreme Court judgment on the electoral malfeasance. It’s significant that the electorates know their preferred candidate and who they gave their mandate despite the shenanigans. They’ve licked their wounds as law-abiding citizens in conformity with the law as expressed by the apex court. The justice or otherwise of it is left for God the ultimate judge.

It is a sad commentary that inspite of the palpable calm and grave yard silence arising from the pyrrhic victory by Apc, the party goons led by Governor Dapo Abiodun rather than face real issues of governance and fundamental matters particular that can make life more meaningful for the long-suffering Ogun citizens,are still chasing shadows, grandstanding, playing politics for 2027 and overly overheating the polity.

In the build up to the 2023 elections all options of democratic expressions were muzzled and opposition haranguing with special focus on the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP. One would have reasonably expected Governor Dapo Abiodun having been legitimised through technicalities in the supreme to Start a healing process and galvanise the people for peace,progress and growth of the state and not the pettiness he’s currently perpetrating.

Despite the ruling of the supreme court, the people of Ogun State are convinced and in no doubt that Ladi Adebutu of the PDP won the last election and ever ready to cast their vote for him come 2027. The latest court case and his arraignment for money laundering and vote buying is absolutely politically motivated ,and a well primed and orchestrated plot by the Apc and Governor Abiodun to distract, destabilise, disorientate, character assassinate and disenfranchise the popular candidate preparatory to the 2027 elections.

Conscious of the indisputable fact that Adebutu is a premier opposition candidate and the favourite to win any governorship election in the state, dragging him to all intents and purposes is to collateraly damage his image and reputation and render him a persona non grata in the 2027 elections.

The good people of Ogun are keenly watching events and following the court cases. Their unalloyed support for Ladi Adebutu in his quest to through popular votes take over the state is palpable. His campaign against fascism and bad governance accords with the aspirations of the people. And his commitment to institute and run a government of the people, by the people and for the people is clearly marked. No amount of intimidation, harassment and arraignment will detract him, his teeming supporters and admirers in the just struggle for the soul of the Gateway State.