The recent response from Temitope Ajayi, the senior special assistant to the president on Media & Publicity, to Femi Falana’s concerns during the Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti memorial event is disconcerting. Instead of addressing the critical issues raised by the human rights lawyer, Ajayi resorted to name-calling and character assassination. This diversionary tactic does not negate the pressing matters Falana highlighted regarding the mismanagement of public funds and the worsening state of the nation.

It is regrettable that Ajayi chose to deflect rather than address the substantive points raised by Falana. The issues surrounding the disbursement of 135 billion for COVID-19 in December 2023 and the subsequent allocation of 1.7 trillion to the three tiers of government demand transparency and accountability. Falana rightfully questions why, despite these significant funds, issues like insecurity, unemployment, hunger, and poverty persist and worsen.

Moreover, the acknowledgment by Ajayi that 135 billion was distributed for COVID-19 in December 2023 raises concerns about the timing and impact of these funds. The public deserves clarity on how these funds were utilized to alleviate poverty, hardship, unemployment, and infrastructural deficits, as promised by the President.

Nigerians are facing escalating challenges, including inflation, high living costs, and stagnant salaries. The government’s responsibility is to assure citizens with transparent plans, accountability, and immediate actions to improve their lives, rather than resorting to insensitive statements. Criticisms from objective voices like Femi Falana should be heeded, not dismissed.

The government must prioritize addressing the genuine concerns of the citizens and implement effective policies. We urge Mr. Temitope Ajayi to advise his boss to focus on substantial issues rather than engaging in grandstanding as a spokesman. Nigeria’s current situation demands a sensitive, responsible, and responsive approach to prevent further deterioration of the nation’s well-being.


Ismail Olawale

Executive Director

Arthur Nwakanma

Publicity Secretary

Centre For Policy Intervention in Africa (CEPIA)