Popular Resistance Breaks Out in Guinea Bissau as the Party of Cabral Dares the Reactionary Umaro Sissoko Regime!


Today, 8 January 2024 (Monday) at the headquarters of the PAIGC and its Coalition PAI Terra Ranka is holding protests across Guinea-Bissau against the regime of Umaro Sissoko Embalo, demanding that armed blockade occupying the National People’s Assembly (ANP) leave the premises and allow the People’s democratic Representatives to meet in order to restore the legitimate Government that the People voted for in June 2023.

The protest march in Bissau City will concentrate at Tchapa de Bissau (middle of the city) and move to the Presidential Palace and finally to the PAIGC National Headquarters. At the interior, the population will march to the regional centres at about the same time.

Speaking early this morning, as he joined the battleline, Comrade Imani Umoja said: we are determined to open the doors of the National People’s Assembly (ANP) and restore the democratic Government elected by the People a few months ago, we are ready for the revolution,

More updates later….