Senator Uba Sani: A Political Engineer On The Saddle Of Kaduna State

By – Arthur Nwakanma.

Seven months ago Nigerians went to the poll to elect leaders both at the National and sub- National levels for executive and legislative positions. Elections concluded and the successful candidates sworn into office. All eyes rested on the new helmsmen on how they intend to turn election manifestos and rhethorics into actionable programs and policies for the welfare and well-being of the people. There were also key performance index of governance expected in the various states and the federation.

Senator Uba Sani,the executive governor of Kaduna State, was one of the newly elected governors on focus. Hitherto, he represented Kaduna Central senatorial district in the National Assembly of the federal Republic of Nigeria between 2019 &2023 before being elected the governor of his State after a keenly contested gubernatorial election.

A consumate politician and urbane public servant, he had within the past seven months through his dedication and commitment to duty offered hope, succour and confidence to the populace of Kaduna State. Apart from his efforts to improve security, boost the economy and provide health care for the citizens, he has through his government Rural Transformation and Nurturing of Citizens Engagement initiatives brought development closer to the people especially the peasantry. Thus, assiduously narrowing the gap in infrastructure and human capital while building social cohesion and inclusion.
On the unfortunate Tudun Biri mishap,he exhibited robust and effective leadership, presence of mind, and empathy with the families of the victims. Furthermore, he had meticulously and transparently been coordinating the relief efforts of the federal government, Nigeria governors forum,corporate organisations and well meaning Nigerians for the Tudun Biri community,the wounded and the families of the dead.

Governor Uba Sani so far had exhibited leadership, character, capacity, and commitment to the welfare of the citizens of Kaduna State in furtherance of his intentions to build a State where no one will feel ‘oppressed, marginalised, or neglected’.

We wish the governor well and look forward to his leveraging on the good will of the people of Kaduna State to deliver democratic dividends which we trust he will.