InfiniteHelp Women Empowerment Centre Empowers More Women

InfiniteHelp Women Empowerment Centre at the weekend had its customary Outreach 2023 in Ajah, Lagos state, with the distribution of foodstuffs to widows and indigent women.

Many women from all religions and tribes who attended the program were beneficiaries of about 400 tubers of yam and 400, 5kg of Garri made available by the NGO for the women, which they all went away with smiles on their faces.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Adebisi Bello a Muslim shared how she got in contact with NGO through one of their members who invited her. After she contacted the organization a day before the program, she was advised to invite fellow Muslim women which made her come along with Mrs Aminat. They both testified to how this was a blessing to them and their households.

A mother of two, Mrs Abosede Tanimu who has been a beneficiary for the past eight years, shares her experience with the organization, stating that “she has been a member of the organization when she was single till she got married. She said the organization assisted her in many ways during her marriage up until now as she appreciated them for their supports in her life and her household. She also extended her gratitude to individuals and organization who has been supportive to the NGO.

Another beneficiary Mrs Gift Joshua, a widow, who has been with the organization over two years also shared how benefiting the NGO had been to her. She said ever since she lost her husband things had become more difficult for her and her children if not for the intervention of INFINITEHELP WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CENTRE which brought a positive change in her household by supporting her to establish her catering business (frying of puff-puff and Doughnut). They also supported her children in school. She appreciated the organization for the massive impact they have had on the society especially the women and she prayed for the NGO to explore more beyond its current status.

The chairman of the occasion Pastor Emmanuel joseph while speaking at the event said that the NGO was an amazing organization which should be emulated by so many, in the spirit of giving to the less privilege in our various societies. He further expressed his optimism of the organization growing beyond its current status having seen the commitments and diligent efforts put in by the convener and founder for the past nine years of its existence. He further said that with so many activities carried out and trainings done by the organization, in the next few years, so many beneficiaries would have moved from the point of dependent to the point of financial independent.

So, he encouraged that if more of such initiatives were being carried out in many communities, he believed that it would make the world livable to so many indigents in the societies.

Pastor (Mrs) Debbie Ajayi (Founder and Coordinator)

Pastor (Mrs) Debbie Ajayi who is the coordinator and founder of InfiniteHelp Women Empowerment Centre gave an insight on how the NGO started in the year 2015 thereafter in 2017,it was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Lagos state Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. She said that aside from the yearly outreach being carried out every December, the organization also engaged in organizing series of skills acquisition training for students and adults by visiting schools and some other organizations that were in partnership with the NGO while during their monthly NGO meetings which is attended by registered members are also given some items as a take home to share with their households. She further stated clearly that the NGO was mostly focused on empowering women from all tribes and religions because that’s the goal of the NGO.

Although, in furtherance to doing more for the societies, Mrs. Ajayi requested that asides from finance the organization needed to secure a permanent site where they could always hold their regular vocational trainings for people of interest especially as they try to discourage laziness and unwanted pregnancy among undergraduate girls who were yet to gain admission into higher institution so as to keep them tied up.

In conclusion; she appreciated those who always saw reasons to support the organization and their activities. She also thanked the organization in which they were in partnership with and promised that more activities would be coming up next year for the benefit of the public especially women.

Source: The Realities of Life