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Chidubem: Nigerian graduate who makes N4500 daily from hawking garri

  • A Nigerian man simply identified as Chidubem has shown that it is
    important for people to love what they do in as much as it is not
  • Chidubem is a graduate of philosophy but he hawks garri on the streets
    for survival and he is proud of it
  • He says he graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University , Awka, in
    A Nigerian graduate of philosophy simply identified as Chidubem has said circumstances forced him to hawk garri for survival.

    The young man who hawks garri with a wheel barrow said he makes
    about N4,500 on a daily basis, Yabaleft reports. notes that Chidubem said he is proud of what he does as long as it is not an illegitimate business. Chidubem hawks garri for a living and he is proud of what he does.
    He said:
    “I make above #1500 after selling a bag, and depending on the market,
    I sell like 2 to 3 bags daily.
    “I love meeting up with people’s needs, hence the joy and strength to
    carry on. No one should despise their days of little beginning as little
    drops of water make an ocean.”