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Barcelona to sue Neymar for overpaying

Barcelona will sue Neymar for more than 10 million euros after allegedly overpaying the star during his time at the club. The findings have concluded that after the tax inspection covering the 2015 financial period , the club paid Neymar excessively and are now looking to claim the money back. This information has been reported by El Mundo, who go on to note that the Tax Agency has claimed that the Brazilian benefited from an ‘unjust enrichment’ since Barcelona had paid a greater gross amount than was due. As a result, the Catalan giants have filed a lawsuit on the basis of ‘overpayment’, however the Tax Agency has notified Barcelona that if the situation is not resolved, then the overpaid funds (10.2m euros) would be seen as a ‘donation’ by the club to Neymar . Neymar currently has the largest debt with the Spanish treasury and, according to findings released in September, the Brazilian owes more than 34.6 million euros in total.