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Actress Rahama Sadau Allegedly Faces Death Sentence Over Blasphemy

Nigerian actress and singer Rahama Sadau who was summoned by the
police after her raunchy photos popped up online has allegedly been

Fews days ago, a police report from the the Principal Staff Officer,
addressing the issue popped up on the internet.
Part of the letter addressed to the people of Kaduna read: “I am to
convey the directive of the Inspector General of Police that you treat
proactively with a view to ensuring that the development does not result
to any act that could threaten public peace and security.
“The Inspector General of Police further directs that you furnish him with
updates, accordingly.” However, reports by popular Nigeria media, Akpraise Media says the actress has been sentenced to death over the release of her racy photos.
We’re still trying to get full details soon.