Borno Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima has blasted one of his commissioners for donating demeaning gift to his people.

The Commissioner for Higher Education, Alhaji Usman Jaha who has also shown interest in contesting for House of Representatives had gathered the people of his constituency and gave out gifts of shoe polish and brushes to aid them in shoe-shinning trade; and a bag of orange and wheelbarrow to introduce them to orange hawking.

This strange gift, had made many to take to the social media, criticizing the politician, the state government and All Progressives Congress (APC) as celebrating the poverty of the people rather than alleviating it.
Angered by the online reactions, Borno Governor, Kashim Shettima was said to have queried the commissioner for distributing the “strange and demeaning gifts”.
The governor, according to a top official of government who spoke anonymously, had lambasted the Commissioner for embarrassing not only himself but the administration.
According to the source: “The Governor reminded the Commissioner that his own Ministry has so far facilitated the approval of foreign Universities Scholarship to more than 300 Borno Youths amongst them almost 100 ladies studying medicine abroad as part of the Governor’s standard in human resource development.
“The Governor also reminded the Commissioner that his ministry is the one building Borno’s first State University after 41 years of the State’s creation and therefore wondered why on earth the Commissioner who is a degree holder and has been visiting Borno students abroad, chose to distribute shoe polish as part of his own understanding of human capacity development for youths in Gwoza” the official told journalists.
However, the Commissioner explained in a statement that the programme was his personal intervention based on the request from the beneficiaries.
He said: “The programme is my personal effort and it is based on the peculiar needs of the beneficiaries in Gwoza. All communities have their needs and these needs change from time to time.

“In my years as a politician who served at the Borno State Assembly before becoming a Commissioner, I have always interacted with my constituency before making any welfare intervention. I make interventions based on their peculiar needs. There are times people ask for a particular support and we don’t have the liberty of imposing our preferences.

“We support communities in all sectors that include education, vocational skills and businesses. There are records. What do what our people want. I have once seen the picture of a serving Governor from a different part of this country distributing life chickens to citizens and I am sure it was based on the peculiarities of needs. A good politician must be conscious of the peculiarities of needs in the communities he or she represents.
“A politician must be pragmatic and must not shamed of doing what his people want because the people make the politician. What is important to me is the happiness of our people in Gwoza, nothing else really matter” Jaha has said in his statement.