Nigeria will never attain greatness without political education and emancipation, the Publisher of The Politico an online political newspaper Mr Lai Omotola has said.

He spoke at the launch of the 2017 general election timer a major added value on its online platform which he said was put together to assist all stakeholders in the Nigeria political space to be better prepared for the forth coming election.

He said: “Nigerians through many public discourse and the media have not ceased to express their disappointment at the performances of those holding public positions at the federal state and even the local government level and we at thought the media occupies a very important position in aggressive political education as Nigeri moves towards another election which is 15months away.”

Omotola said the election countdown timer would assist in bringing the electoral calendar closer to the people, a development which he said would help reinforce the need for them to actively participate in the electoral process.

To get access to the timer, our readers are encouraged to access our news portal which would exclusively be on political news reporting and analyses of political happenings and developments as they happen anywhere in the country.

He said there newspaper has no link whatsoever with The Politico of America or that of South Africa, but it would continue to benchmark its news delivery along these credible platforms.

Also speaking, Politico Ng’s Editor-in Chief Mr Emmanuel Malagu expressed the commitment of the platform to be objective and responsive to the yearnings of the people.

“We intend to grow a credible platform that would help shape political opinions and decisions. We will look at all the sides and project the need for credible elections in the delivery of dividends of democracy to Nigerians,” Malagu said.