The newly sworn in Commissioner for Transportation in Lagos State Mr. Oladipupo Lawanson has appealed for citizens’ voluntary compliance to the State’s traffic laws to avoid forceful or embarrassing enforcement.
He made the appeal in a chat with some newsmen about his vision for transportation sector of the state. He opined that since the citizens are partners in progress with the government, the administration of, and obedience to the Traffic Laws should also be of concern to them, stressing that continual feedback from them is essential towards having gridlock-free traffic in the state.
Lawanson explained that the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation as the agency of government saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the obedience of all laws relating to the transport sector in addition to coordinating the plans, programmes and policies of government on traffic matters can be better managed with the buy-in of her citizens.
The Commissioner observed further that the provisions of the Lagos State Road Traffic Law 2012, which came into effect on August 2, 2012, has been and is being flagrantly disobeyed with impunity by all and sundry and warned that this would no longer be tolerated.
He said the Citizens has role in  traffic management can be felt when they obey the Traffic Laws and be the whistle blowers of offenders and violators of relevant laws through various media especially through the use of the social  media.
He thereafter urged the citizens’ of the state with whom he has sought participation to obey the provisions of the 2012 Lagos State Road Traffic Law, which he reiterated is still in force and are still potent adding that particular attention is being placed on the lists of the Traffic Offences and Penalties as well as the Prohibited Routes for motorcycles and tricycles for enforcement.