…holds its 48th graduation ceremony and prize giving day

Lara Day School, one of Nigeria’s foremost private schools celebrated its 55th anniversary and graduated its 48th set in grand style on Thursday, July 12th, 2018. The event had in attendance, members of the governing board, the school management, alumni, parents, pupils, the media and other stakeholder of the school community.
Speaking at this prestigious event, Executive Director, Lara Day Mrs Olatomi Keleko, spoke on the challenges, trials, legacies and achievements experienced since the establishment of the school.
“Lara Day School has come through so many years of turbulence and challenges since its establishment in 1963. The school started with a population of seven children and we have since grown; we are grateful to God and all those who stood by us through these years. Lara Day School has moved from one generation to this present generation and we are moving to another generation very soon”, she stated.
According to the Head of School, Mrs. Patricia Tioluwani spoke on the anniversary and graduation ceremony, “I am highly elated and grateful for this wonderful double celebration; our 55th Anniversary and 48th Graduation ceremony. It has been 55 years of maintaining a very strong vision, mission statement and a very rich heritage; 55 years of continuously improving standards; 55 years of consistent excellent results”.
“Our 21st century teaching method supports various learning style and multiple intelligence. Our staff and our parents have grown from being mere acquaintances to beyond even friends; you might even mistake us to be family members. Our facilities support 21st century teaching and learning. These and many more have been our strength for the past 55 years and we are still going stronger” she enthused.
The event also served as the Graduation Ceremony and Prize Giving day for the 2017/2018 set. The 2017/2018 set tagged “The Platinum Stars” were presented to all in attendance, “they are significantly brilliant; terrifically talented; amazingly knowledgeable; remarkably dependable and supremely ambitious” stated Mrs Tioluwani.
The pupils also dazed those in attendance with amazing and impactful presentations, such as dance, drama, recitation, speeches, orchestra etc.