Parents,Teachers and stakeholders in the education sector of mainland local government have lauded Hon. Bosun Agoro for his towering philanthropic support for total pedagogy advancement, through encouragement of sporting activities.
The expression of great appreciation resonated the UNILAG Sport Complex Akoka venue of the 2018 Inter House Sports Competition of Our Lady of Apostles Nursery and Primary School Yaba.
The Education Secretary Mainland Local Government Hon. Tijani Tajudeen, who was physically present at the event noted the importance of sports to qualitative education, citing the fact that the Lagos State Government mandates all primary schools to hold inter house sports to afford pupils complete development.
“The worth of events of this type is immeasurable as it can help to churn out talents that would make Nigeria proud in future, it is going on simultaneously throughout the State.
“It is a compulsory programme for primary schools, as it affords them the opportunity to display their talent and discover new sporting activities that can distinct them in future.
He however counseled participants not to be dissuaded by the ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ tag as it should rather bouy them to excel some other time.
While he urge handlers to do the needful to bring out the best in the pupils without undue interference.
“To the parents yes we may say the economy is not good but despite that we still find time and money to spend on other things, I am sure this
is one of the things that parents should be encouraged to spend money on, all is not academics or being to the university but ensure you are useful to yourself and the community.
“We can see through sport many people are making it football, athletics, swimming, indoor and outdoor games, people are making it from sporting activities let’s encourage them”.He added.
The School’s Head Teacher Mrs. Akinnagbe in her welcome address expressed her joy for the success of the programme.
” I am happy and thank the sponsor of the this sport of the year,Hon. Bosun Agoro who has put smiles on the faces of this children, same will be divinely replicated on him.
“Educate a child,you educate the Nation. It is not only to learn how to read and write,it is mainly in totality that covers the physical,moral and social aspects of a man”.
Mr. Shobowale S.A the State Universal Basic Education Board, Sports Officer who represented the SUBEB Executive Chairman, noted that sporting programme develops both the physical, mental ability and general
fitness of the children, which has good import on the academic excellence of the school and the children.
“We seldom see public primary school using Unilag sport facility they rather make use of the little available space within their school premises but I was so impressed with this development as the school is determined to groom this children for future purposes.
Mrs Ego IC former Head Teacher of Our Lady’s of Apostles public primary school,while fielding questions from newsmen noted that there distinct difference from what it used in her days, she expressed her profound gratitude for the sponsor Hon.Bosun Agoro for facilitating a grand sporting event the pupils of the school urging other well meaning individuals to take a cue from his kind gesture.
” I have never experienced it like
this before even when I was there, so many sporting activities have been added unlike before when we have the sack race and other
activities now obsolete and outdated the children really enjoyed themselves all parts of their bodies are being attended to.
“Education is in three forms, sport is the psychomotor aspect  it is not all about attitude,
reading and all that, when you read and you don’t exercise yourself, you will not be able to assimilate very well, this is the other part
of education that the children needs, if you are only keeping them in a class talking about the cognitive and affective domain, the education
is not completed.
Let me start by saying the government should do more in retraining of the sport officers in order to acquire more skill pertaining the sport,
teachers should be able to impact what they are being taught in the training, it will help this children a lot and the teachers.
 Some of the pupils who spoke with news expressed their joy for the opportunity afforded them to discover themselves sport wise.
According to them, it help enhance our capabilities, talents are discovered here, I encourage my mates not to ignore or shy away from partaking in sporting activities as no one knows tomorrow. The benefits in doing sport outweighs the odds, so we all should take to sporting activities.
The Parents while reacting to the programme lineups stated that contrary to widely held believe that public schools are of no good, this is a testimony to some of the good opportunities there.
“I am Mrs Omowunmi Ogunnuga we appreciate what is happening in public schools now,some people are saying that there is no good thing in public school but that is no longer tenable as good things now happens here,we thank our Hon.Bosun Agoro for all his efforts towards making our pupils enjoy their school
live,because he bankrolled this Interhouse Sport.
The PTF chairperson said “I really appreciate the Lagos state Governor and our Hon. Bosun Agoro for this laudable feat,he has done tremendously well for us in this school.
The school authority should further encourage them to partake fully in sporting activities, I pray that next time we would use the National  stadium for the next Interhouse sport,so that we can co-opt most  of our friends.

The Blue House which clinched the first position as overall Winner,was incidentally Hon. Bosun Agoro’s house. Amidst the events opening parade, match past,meter measured race,filling of basket and bottles,ladder race, hurdle sprint race, school relay and more.