Nigeria is not a developed country because Nigeria is not focused on development. Simple! No matter the spin, this is exactly why Nigeria lacks enough electricity and the supremacy of money is everywhere.
Daddy Freeze preaches Churches and Pastors as the cause, and his view is widely shared by Nigerians – at home and abroad. Now, Churches and Pastors are easily blamed, easily mocked and tuned to bear the guilt of underdevelopment.
Other religions to him are faultless, other organizations, agencies, etc. are fine, even internet fraud, no problem – just Churches. He made it a duty to make doctrines and Church events a public conversation, when – in reality – they aren’t a big deal, because, you can get out of there, if you disagree.
Development and Improvement
Nigeria has adopted lots of improvement in sectors in the last few years, in banking, telecoms, technology, etc.
But there are other sectors where improvements or changes are near worthless. Several problems remain the same, no electricity, bad wastes management, bad roads, heavy misery and poverty, extensive unemployment, education without learning, etc.
There have been improvements in many of the above, but they are away from real development. Even in banking and mobile communications with improvements, they still fall short – from what is obtainable in industrialized countries.
Tribalism Underdevelopment
Aside Churches, many blame tribalism for underdevelopment of Nigeria. Some people have a list of what ifs, with respect to tribes and power in Nigeria. But many forget that during the military rule, some state administrators who weren’t from those states performed far better than indigenous governors – of current democracy.
There are local governments and communities in Nigeria with leaders over just one tribe, and in some cases one religion, but their leadership does not care for their own people. There were times lots of money was shared for some tribes in certain places because of their challenges and the elders gave pittance to certain people, did nothing good for the community and stole the rest.
There have been presidents who came from certain parts of the country, who did nothing remarkable for their place, directly or indirectly.
So there are examples and examples where argument of tribalism inhibiting development is null.
Fake Democracies
Author, Helen Epstein wrote a review spotlighting Uganda as a case of a fake democracy. Agreeing or disagreeing with this, there are several cases of nominal democracies across Africa, because what people get cannot be called democracy.
The issue of fake democracy is almost the same as no focus on development. Maybe the people in power pivoted to democracy to satisfy international aiders, or as chicane to their own people. But democracy – though great and maybe the best form of government – has not led to development of Africa.
Some have said democracy is not working, but what are the alternatives? Sincere democracy is probably great, but fake or original, if no focus on development, there will be no development, sorry!
Another example of a fake democracy without thinking twice is Rwanda, a country their President of 18 years, Kagame, shut down several Churches, believing they are a mess because there are not enough boreholes or factories, OK.
He won an election in 2017 for another 7-year term. His view on Churches is what he expects to be believed. He’s a president who seem to have lots of free time and he’s – maybe – not rigorously focused on development, which is why he had time to blame Churches for his government responsibilities and he’s always leaving his country to attend all sorts of international summits.
Daddy Freeze enjoys citing President Kagame because of Church crackdown in Rwanda. But the delusional praise and move are worthless to development – anywhere.
Church Analysts
The amount of Church analysts that Daddy Freeze has engineered are numerous. And they are as wrong as it gets. They are rarely balanced in debates; just mostly reiterating whatever their lynchpin said. For example, they say the Old Testament followers of the Lord GOD are not Christians, OK. But they are on the same team with Christians in the Acts of the Apostles; different forenames but the same Heavenly Surname.
Tithing is wrong, OK. Giving to Churches is wrong, OK. But giving to the poor alone is right, OK. But in several examples in the Scriptures, people supported Apostles and Prophets; some even gave to certain causes and buildings. So if tithing is a way to give and support the Church, why not? And if you disagree, don’t pay – simple. Tithes or RCCG memos are not development deterrents so analysis of them from day to day is waste of brain.
Church analysts are so carried away by what they think. Assuming RCCG or others adjust everything to satisfy them, Nigeria will still remain underdeveloped, so what good is it for Nigeria?
Nigeria has had some of its smartest people become professional analysts. There are smart tax analysts, smart energy analysts, smart economic analysts, smart technology analysts, smart whatever analysts, but unfortunately for Nigeria, some or majority of their submissions are not focused on development. So analysis goes from decade to decade yet no electricity, no water, no work, dreaded public hospitals, etc.
The book of Malachi in the Bible is probably the most riveting in Nigeria for now. Even if lessons on other topics are to be said, the name before the chapter or verse is, oh! tithes again.
However, there are far harder expectations – following Christ Jesus – to attain and obey than tithes. Tithing is neither the hardest nor is it the most important. Having Faith is harder than giving tithes, but it was said that the Just shall live by Faith.
Churches are not the reason Nigeria is underdeveloped. Focus is. A good day will come when anything ongoing in Nigeria is followed with the question, how may this lead us towards development?
Twitter/IG: Okumazie