By Abdulwaheed Usamah
Since 1999, after democracy returned to Nigeria and civilians took over governance, I have remained ardent to your political paces and I have been keen to your speeches, suggestions and ideas as a successful business mogul, leader, father, friend of the masses, to crown it all, as Vice President of Nigeria between 1999 and 2007, and even after office 10 years ago.
I must commend Nigerian dailies that serve as agents and conveyors of those messages until the era of internet and birth of the social media that gave it a twist, making interactions with you easier, because, if not so, the effort to have this letter delivered to you may be futile.
Sir, special recognition must also go to your esteemed person on the recorded achievement of the internet and other online development achievements including that of reform in the nation’s telecommunication industry that led to the birth of the Global System for Mobile (GSM). Reports reveal that your service as Chairman of the National Council on Privatization (NCP) influenced the advent of mobile phones and networks that both old and young Nigerians rely upon as effective means of communication and tools that have also created job opportunities for the Nigerian teeming youth including myself.
Besides, your effort on Nigerian economy during your tenure as Chairman of Nigerian Economic Council between 2002 and 2005, also deserve unquestionable commendation – a period which the nation’s economy reported to have recorded significant improvement yet unbeaten.

Though there are two sides to a coin, your side to the several allegations on corruption, leveled against you since a decade ago, and that of the accusers, whether for public interest- political disguised reasons or otherwise, I cannot deny your well exhibited and demonstrated entrepreneurial and political knowledge, skills and that of other unknown to Nigerians, the much deserved recognition.
Sir, I must say I am one of the Nigerian youths who criticised relentlessly, due to our impatience, whenever we supposedly have leaders whom we entrust the leadership of the country, abusing the opportunities given to them to serve the nation in collective interest of citizens, giving us anything short from development, the bone of contention that led to the 2015 change of government, whereby the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, is yet to separate its grains from the previous government’s shafts.
Blame us not for our assumed immaturity or inexperience, but our dream to have back here in Nigeria that type of unblinking advanced infrastructure and development as they have United States, Europe and other developed nations of the world, such would certainly continue to instigate us against selfish leaders, until train travellers from Lagos, to Kano, get to their destination in five hours.
Youths’ disapproval and expression against unproductive leaders and government has its peak and limit, as much as we have our reasoning to evaluate people who could be better at services, among which you are categorized, against all odds.
Having read your recent statement that your candidacy is about the youths and it’s time to hand over governance to us, I do not need to be told that you are a man of his words, because you have continue to prove that your God-Given potentials are yet to be utilised to the benefit of Nigerians.
With conviction from the above statement, I came to term that learning from you, from your experience in political fora and gathered knowledge in areas of entrepreneur, won’t be a waste of time, and in fact, would serve as privilege among my peers.
That if you see a more prepared young Nigerian with the capacity to wrestle power from my generation, you will back him and that Nigerians should allow serve as the bridge to lead this nation to its destination by unleashing the creative energy in young people, stems the purpose of writing the letter so as to bring to your notice my readiness to begin my political journey under your excellency, and grooming to take the challenge.
In conclusion, I agreed with your statement that you are not running for the presidency for power sake, not desperate for power, and that you are doing it in the best interest of the Nigerian youths, just as you rightly put it, that it’s our time to take the mantle of power and determine our destiny.
Sir, as a young Nigerian with entrepreneur spirit, I am writing to inform you that I am ready to join your designed vision for the youths and I believe doing this together would bring the nation to work again.
Abdulwaheed Usamah, lives in Lagos, Nigeria.