Do you wish to get married soon? Would you likely be getting married in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)? If your answer to these posers is positive, be prepared for a more rigorous process. You will have go through genital tests.

A statement issued by the Assistant General Overseer in charge of Administration Pastor J.F. Odesola issued on May 10, this year, urged all its parishes worldwide to strictly comply with the new directive and register with a recognized public hospital for this purpose.

News Arena gathered that the genital tests for males and females members who intends to get married in the church was meant to address growing marriage by deceit which is prevalent in the society.
Many couples get married only to discover that they had been deceived or swindled into the marriage as a result of medical incompatibility or any other disability that may impede child bearing and happiness.
The genitalia test now comes as an addition to genotype, HIV/AIDS, blood group compatibility, and pregnancy tests which they church has hitherto enforced among intending couples in the church.
A top source in the church’s hierarchy told News Arena that the church came up with the new directive in response to growing challenges being faced by many young couples in the church.
He said young marriages are hitting the rocks because couples are discovering that they have been deceived into the marriage.
“There are marriages which were birthed in error. There are growing cases of non disclosures of full medical predicaments that they are nursing before heading for the altar and the church intends to probe deeper and ensure that they at least ensure that issues that could threaten marriage are brought under strict control.”
He further explained that there are instances where the woman would have had issues with her womb as a result of ceaseless abortions or other health challenges, there are also cases of sterility in the man, as a result of health complications. “Where either party is joined in marriage without full disclosures of the nature of ailment either party is battling with, there are high chances they will rush back to the courts to start fighting for divorce.”
He continued: “In this era of artificial eye lashes, breasts and padding th genital test is to test whether the male or female genitalias are functioning and not fake as many have found out too late that their partners are not healthy for the journey into marriage.”
He said people should stop reading all manners of meanings into anything from the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), adding that the latest directive was in direct response to growing complexity in the challenges in matrimony.
The statement with reference number RCCG/PERS/JFO/AD/MEMO/10/05/2018, titled directive on pre-marital medical examination reads:

“The mission authority has observed the recurrence of cases of marital crisis resulting from falsehood especially in the case of undeclared or unconfessed reproductive/genital status.
We have the directive of the General Overseer to instruct all the missions outposts that forthwith pre-marital medical examinations for intending couples should also include genital test.

Further, provinces are requested to register with particular (trusted) government approved hospital for the various approved pre-marital medical examination for intending couples.
Remained blessed in this songs of victory in Jesus name.
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