The lawmaker representing Ifako-Ijaiye constituency I at the Lagos Assembly,Hon.Dayo Saka Fafunmi has revealed why his constituency has been denied Federal presence since its creation.

Fafunmi made this disclosure at
a get together organized to celebrate his 48th birthday in his constituency.
Declaring his intent to vie for a sit in the Federal House of Representatives in the upcoming  2019 general elections.
The birthday boy who just got certified as a Barrister,while expressing his gratitude to everyone who graced the occasion from all across the Ifako Ijaiye federal constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, noted that Ifako Ijaiye has been sending individuals who really do not project the constituency well to attract federal attention for development since its creation.
“Ifako Ijaiye is one the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is why I choose to invite dignitaries from both the LGA and LCDA of Ifako Ijaiye  together here to celebrate  with me.
While reading the wordings in a tribute card sent by his excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to appreciate the lawmaker,he also expressed his unflinching loyalty to ensure his second term.
“We have never had it so good in the history of Lagos as now, to have witnessed unprecedented developments owing Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s style of administration,and for that everyone seated owes him the duty to ensure his return for a second term.
“I probably feel he is the only Governor who would face election without opposition.
” I say it boldly as a representative of Ifako Ijaiye, there is nobody who would come out to contest against the Governor, from my constituency we are assuring the Governor that he would get our maximum support.
“The whole Ifako Ijaiye is a federal constituency but you can hardly see a project from the Federal government and it is assumed you have representative at green chamber of the National Assembly, that is why those of us who can reason along as elites would see this as germane and not mere politicking.
Citing why he got the urge to vie for the green chamber seat, the lawmaker charged all present to think about the need for quality in representation he has to offer.
“What we want for Ifako Ijaiye is the best to represent us at green chamber and I strongly believe that Dayo Saka Fafunmi having represented you for the term at the state House of Assembly would be the best to represent you at the federal parliament,qualitative representation would no longer elude us.”
Hon.Dipo Okeyomi who officiated the cutting of the three birthday cakes, which one of it has a lawyer’s wig design, congratulate the lawmaker for his thirst for better delivery to the people,urging all present to thirst after making themselves better for the good of all.